AlphaToGo Framework V4 Release 2 (February 1, 2017)

July 1, 2017: Framework now uses Twitter Bootstrap "grid system" for layout and has access to all Bootstrap elements and features. We will be coming out with various Bootstrap-ready Themes shortly.


Designed to run on Alpha Anywhere (v12). The AlphaToGo Web Application Framework is the foundation for a properly built and secure Alpha Anywhere web application. Completely integrated with Security Framework, install and setup in ten minutes. Public pages are responsive, and it comes with modules for Content, SEO, Images, Users, Banner, Registration and many other tools designed to get your application online quickly, and look attractive.

Feature Summary
  • 100% Customizable. You can alter how the Framework works.
  • 100% Responsive web pages and navigation
  • Web Page layout using modern using the 996px Grid CSS system
  • All public components refined to work on Mobile
  • "Complete" Online Website Administration Module
    • User Management (video)
    • My Account (video)
    • Content Management (video)
    • Contact Us Management (video)
    • Navigation Management (video 1 and video 2)
    • Plugin Management (video) (Removed as of release 4.2)
    • Image Manager (video)
    • Banner/Slideshow (video)
      (Removed as of release 4.2 and managed as separate product, click here for demo)
    • Email Template Management (see User Management video)
    • CSS "theme" Management (video)
    • Page Template Management (video)
    • SEO Options (video)
    • Integrated with Security Framework
    • The "Copy Alpha Project" batch utility (video)
    • Various System Features and Utilities

What's New (in release 4.2)


  • Our custom responsive navigation now allow for menu nodes to be "hidden when logged in" - when the user logs in, menu node will be hidden. This is a commonly requested option, that is not available in the built-in Alpha navigation.
  • Added option for "named menus" which allows developer to add multiple navigation menus to the application, even on the same web page. Now, the developer can have a different navigation menu on the Home page, and the Products page (as an example).

Banner (Slide show)

  • The Banner has been completely revised from the ground up. To make it easier to manage and develop, the Banner has been formally removed from the Framework and now supported as a separate product. It is easy to add the Banner to the Framework or to any existing or new Alpha project.


  • Removed the "email queue" and replaced with options to use SMTP, SparkPost or Mandrill (3rd party email processors) to send email. This allows email to be sent immediately from the application. The email queue also required a separate CRON function to fire every few minutes; this has been removed as well.
  • Added an "email log" that keeps a record of every email that is sent from the application.
  • Totally abandoned using Alpha's built-in "Email Profile". This is an antiquated system that requires maintaining a setting directly on the Alpha web server.
  • Changed all outgoing emails to use more attractive HTML. Previously, many of the outgoing emails used plain text.


  • Abandoned reliance on Alpha's outdated model for "password recovery" (which sends the password directly to the user). Now, the Framework goes around Alpha's model and uses a modern custom security model to 'reset' the password using gold standard "double opt-in" and a password reset link that is only valid for 60 minutes.
  • Provided option to use a "value" for the UserID; previously the Framework only allowed an "email address" as the UserID to login.

Clean up

  • Every component and web page has had minor updates to make them more efficient.
  • Several redundant and unused features were removed.
  • Updated any reference to JQuery or other 3rd party library to the currently available version.
  • Removed the need for a CRON scheduling process.

Help Document

  • Completely updated online Help Document to match this Framework update. Included new instructions for both managing the website and also custom modifications to CSS and formatting.

Security Features

  • Fully integrated with Alpha Anywhere Security Framework.
  • Advanced, state-of-art Password Recovery method.
  • Properly isolates logged-in users so users do not have access to other user's data.
  • Provides hooks in to logged-in user credentials so you can filter records by User, Company, etc., display logged-in user's name, etc.)
  • Superior User Management Module -- the best model available for any Alpha application.

Public Pages

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Register
  • Login
  • Sitemap
  • Message Page

Logged in Public Pages

  • MyAccount / User Profile
  • MyAccount / UserID change (Facebook/LinkedIn style)

User Management

  • Double Opt-In User Registration (user must confirm via email)
  • Integrated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • My Account: user can manage their own Profile
  • Facebook/LinkedIn style "My Account" User Management
  • Send email to individual users, or by groups
  • Import users from comma-separated file
  • Multi-tenant (Company ?Employee, etc)

Website Configuration

  • Application-level mail merge fields (contact info, support info, etc.)
  • CSS Themes
  • Toggle website Offline/Online/Admin Only
  • Optional "back door" access
  • Toggle on/off Debug Information
  • Show / hide "Login" and "Sign-Up" links
  • Define the default Security Framework Sign-up group.
  • Hide/show website logo. Upload logo image, select filename.
  • Define "ticker" message, appears at top of web site.
  • Define alternate header image for non-Home page.
  • Define additional HTML/Javascript for the Head or Body area.
  • Define HTML for header/footer of TabbedUI
  • Define META tags (keywords, description, etc.)
  • Store alternate SMTP parameters
  • Email Queue setup

Image Manager

  • Upload and manage images.
  • Auto generation of thumbnail images.

Session Variable Management

  • Define session variable to be set either always or upon login.

Web Page Plugin Management

  • Setup plugins like Facebook Login, social media icons, etc.
  • Automatically places HTML and Javascript in Head or Body area as needed.
  • Can toggle plugin on or off.

Contact Management

  • Collect visitor comments online.
  • Comments are emailed and stored in table, view online.

Message Management

  • Set optional messages for display anywhere on the website. These are separate from Content Management.

Content Management

  • Fully integrate database content in to web pages, TabbedUI, and components.
  • Define content using advanced CKEditor HTML editor.
  • Most content does not require tweaking, but can fully set CSS such as width, overflow, float, etc.
  • Can categorize content so it appears in "groups" on web page.
  • Define the separator for grouped content.
  • Can set the date-interval for content (content only appears between dates).

Menu Management

  • Define the responsive main navigation online including style, target, URL, etc.

Email Template Management

  • Create Email Templates for various uses in system.
  • Template includes Plain Text and HTML email content.
  • Includes ability to use "mail merge" fields
  • For each template, can opt to use Alpha email "profile" or SMTP.

Page Configuration Management

  • Set Page Title online.
  • Set alternate header image per page.
  • Set META tags per page (keywords, description).
  • Define Breadcrumbs.

SEO Management

  • Generate sitemap.xml, txt and html for site and to send to search engines.
  • Set SEO features on a website and per page basis.

System Information

  • Review Alpha logs online.
  • Review robots.txt and sitemap.xml online.
  • Review full server info online.
  • Review Alpha Report Server information online.
  • Review current and previous email queue information online.
  • Basic information tables for Countries, State

AlphaToGo Support

Free Support

  • Free: User's Forum (click here)
  • Free: Online Help (click here)
  • Framework "In Depth" Newsletter - how to use the Framework, etc.

Support Contract

  • Attend monthly discussion groups to discuss anything related to the Framework.
  • Guaranteed response from AlphaToGo regarding your application needs.
  • Free Framework upgrades